Downstream 500GW+ n-type battery production capacity is coming.

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In 2023, #photovoltaic demand will usher in further strong demand, and the production and sales of #battery #modules will be booming. Enterprises will increase their production capacity one after another, and the n-type technology route will become the primary choice.

According to relevant statistics, in the fourth quarter of 2023, the annual battery production capacity is expected to reach 1111GW, an increase of 481GW or 76% from the first quarter. Among them, the proportion of n-type production capacity increased from 21% in the first quarter to 51% in the fourth quarter, which is the main growth point. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the annual production capacity of n-type batteries is expected to reach 563GW, an increase of 432GW from the first quarter. Among them, TOPCon production capacity increased by 395GW from Q1 to Q4, and reached 89% in Q4, which is the main growth point.

Zhao Xiang, a senior analyst at #PV #InfoLink, pointed out at the "2023 N-type Photovoltaic Technology and Industry Development Forum": "#TOPCon already has better profitability." , the price is already lower than the p-type silicon wafer of 150um. The lower-priced commercial n-type silicon wafer not only announces the commercialization of thinner silicon wafers, but also officially announces the cost/price advantage of n-type silicon wafers. The n-type technology charge is sounded, and sufficient supply of the industrial chain has become an indispensable link.


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