N-type battle! Production capacity and planning of major manufacturers TOPCon, HJT, and XBC

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At present, the mainstream technology in the photovoltaic industry is P-type cells (mainly PERC technology) with simple manufacturing process and lower cost.

However, as PERC technology faces bottlenecks in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, N-type cells with high conversion efficiency and high bifaciality are expected to replace P-type cells and become the mainstream. The majority of carriers in N-type semiconductors are electrons, which have lower effective mass and higher mobility. In the case of the same conductivity, there are fewer N-type impurities, so the minority carrier lifetime is longer, which can directly affect the open circuit voltage and short circuit current, and has a higher photoelectric conversion efficiency.

The current mainstream technology routes for N-type batteries mainly include three types: TOPCon, HJT and IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact).


(1) The theoretical conversion efficiency of TOPCon technology is high, and it can be upgraded based on the PERC production line

The efficiency direction of TOPCon is conversion efficiency, wafer quality and process improvement.

Industrialization process: TOPCon technology is relatively mature and has achieved large-scale mass production. The planning and construction of TOPCon is accelerating, and the planned investment and construction capacity is expected to exceed 300GW by the end of 2023


(2) HJT is the battery with the highest front efficiency, the lowest cost, and the highest bifacial rate

Industrialization process: HJT mass production scale is small, and the long-term plan is grand. At present, the built capacity reaches 8.92GW, and the capacity under construction is about 114.60GW.


(3) IBC has a single-sided structure with high conversion efficiency

From the perspective of battery structure, the mass production process has been simplified, the cost is within an acceptable range, and the average conversion efficiency can reach 25%, and it is expected to increase to 26% in the short term.

This structure can be superimposed with PERC, TOPCon, HJT and other technologies to form XBC technology, so it is expected to become a new generation of platform technology. The superposition with TOPCon technology is called TBC battery, while the superposition with HJT technology is called TBC battery. HBC battery.

Industrialization process: In 2023, XBC batteries will usher in a 10GW+ scale release.

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