Two Most Concerned Issues Of #HJT (Heterojunction technology)

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Two Most Concerned Issues Of #HJT (Heterojunction technology) :

HJT has a symmetrical double-sided battery structure, P-N-P structure, with N-type crystalline silicon in the middle.

HJT Advantages

1) The process flow is short

2) High conversion efficiency. At present, the mass production efficiency is generally above 24%.

3) The yield rate is high and the fragmentation rate is low due to fewer production steps.

4) Low attenuation, the life cycle of HJT battery is about 1.9%-2.9% higher than that of double-sided PERC battery.

5) Low temperature coefficient and high power generation. The power generation per W of HJT battery is about 0.6%-3.9% higher than that of double-sided PERC battery.

6) The double-sided rate of HJT can reach more than 90% (up to 98%).

HJT Disadvantages

Cost disadvantage.

HJT is not compatible with mainstream PERC production equipment, and the equipment needs to be replaced. It is more than twice that of PERC (about 150-200 million RMB/GW).


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