Visit to the Tongwei Solar production facility in Yancheng at the invitation of Tongwei Solar

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LANERGY GmbH was recently invited by Tongwei Solar to visit Tongwei Solar's production facility in Yancheng, China. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality solar cells and modules, Tongwei Solar gave us an exclusive insight into their modern production facilities. During the tour, we were able to experience first-hand Tongwei Solar's high quality standards and latest innovations in solar cell and module production. We were particularly impressed by their highly automated production and quality control measures. The visit showed us that Tongwei Solar has first-class production capacities and technical know-how. We at LANERGY are proud to have Tongwei Solar as one of our key suppliers. The partnership allows us to offer our customers premium PV products with the highest quality and reliability. We thank Tongwei Solar for the invitation and the opportunity to experience their advanced manufacturing facilities. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration. Together we will deliver highly efficient solar solutions and contribute to a cleaner energy future.



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